Al-nibras For Science & Technology Ltd.

Company profile:
We are Malta's leading supplier of Analytical consumables and equipment to the Malta based international Pharmaceutical company. Our portofolio includes Sigma-Aldrich, Thermo Fisher Scientific amongst others. We are now expanding due the demand from local endusers themselves to extend our service by providing API, Bulk Ingridients and Primary/intermediate items related to packaging and chemicals in bulk qty's.


Company type(s):
Developer, Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Trader

Products / Services:
Chemicals: Chemicals, Inorganic Chemicals - T, Inorganic Chemicals - U, Inorganic Chemicals - V, Inorganic Chemicals - X
Hardware: Magnesium Flanges, Pharmaceutical Pipes
Laboratory Supplies: Laboratory Supplies
Logistic Products: Logistic Products
Machines: Machines
Medicines: Acetylcysteine Capsules, Agalsidase Alfa Capsules
Packaging Machines: Packaging Machines
Packagings: Packagings
Pharmaceutical Products: Agalsidase Alfa Capsules, APIs, APIs - D, APIs - E, APIs - F, APIs - H, APIs - I, APIs - K, APIs - L, APIs - M, etc
Cleanroom Products: Cleanroom Products
Filters: Pharmaceutical Filters
Processing Equipment: Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment
Packaging Services: Pharmaceutical Packaging Services


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